Terms and Conditions of Hire.

1. Deposits

1.1 Deposits are required in order to confirm a booking with Dapper Dan Formal Suit Hire.

1.2 A deposit of £40 per outfit is required on our herringbone collection

1.3 A deposit of £40 per outfit is required on our lightweight and tweed collection

1.4 The amount taken for a deposit may alter dependant on various factors (such as proximity to the wedding; deposit on range which is not included in our lightweight or herringbone range etc) at the discretion of Dapper Dan Formal Suit Hire.

1.5 A ‘cooling off’ period of 24 hours is given after a deposit is left, after this period the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance.

1.6 Deposits and orders are non-transferable to a third party under any circumstance.

2. Offers

2.1 The offer available only applies when suits are booked in block amounts. For example, six suits must be booked together as opposed to booking three and adding three suits at a later date.

2.2 The offer only applies to selected ranges – tailcoats, edwardian jackets and lightweight or herringbone lounge suits.

2.3 All suits booked must be from the same range and colour. Mix and Matching of the suits will only be allowed by the discretion of Dapper Dan Formal Hire.

2.4. Evening wear is not included in the offer.

2.5. The suits must be hired with Shirts, Neckwear and Hankies as accessories to qualify for the offer.

2.6 Shoes and other accessories can be added to this as an optional extra to the package.

2.7 On the Tweed collection – Boys suits are allowed to be included as part of the offer. For example, if you hire 3 mens suits and 1 boys suit you will not qualify for a free suit.

3. Payment

3.1 We ask for the deposit as stated in section 1 to book and guarantee the order.

3.2. After the deposit, the outstanding balance is then due on whichever falls first of;

  • 8 Weeks before your wedding date
  • First fitting for a member of the party.

4. Cancellation

4.1 Cancellations that occur within 90 days of the wedding will not be receive any monies back which have been paid up to that point.

4.2 Cancellations within 90days of the wedding date with outstanding balances due to Dapper Dan Formal Suit Hire will still be due for payment.

4.3Cancellations on orders where an early settlement discount has been awarded, no monies will be refunded within 130days of the wedding date.

4.4 As stated in section 1.5 all deposits taken are non-refundable once the 24 hour cooling off period has elapsed.

4.5 Cancellations of suits must be in writing from each party involved i.e. bride and groom. In the event of any refunds due letters must both state to which party they are to be awarded. Refunds will be issued within 28days of cancellation date.

4.6All refunds will be issued by the way of a cheque payment.

4.7. Orders on which deposits are left and are allowed to pass the agreed function date without any contact will be treated as a canceled order.

5. Fittings

5.1All adults in a party must be measured at least 42days prior to the wedding date. Adults measured outside of the time period cannot be guaranteed correctly fitting garments due to a shortage of time in which we have to operate.

5.2All children within a part must be measured between 42 days and 21days of the wedding date. Measurements taken outside of this period cannot be guaranteed correctly fitting garments due to a shortage of time in which we have to operate.

5.3 Changes made to sizes less than 21 days prior to the wedding date cannot be guaranteed correctly fitting garments due to a shortage of time in which we have to operate.

5.4 All members of the party must attend a fitting. In the event of sizes being provided by a third party, we are not responsible for ill measurement on their behalf.

5.5 Any alterations made to suits will be of a temporary nature so that the garment can return to its previous specification.

6. Period of Hire

6.1. Collection

6.1.1 We will always endeavour to allow you to collect your outfits up to 2 days prior to your date of function however this may alter during the busier parts of the season.

6.1.2 It is the responsibility of the customer to try the outfit once more to make sure all sizes are still correct prior to the outfit being worn. We ask that we are notified before 10.00AM of the day after collection of any changes required.

6.1.3 A refundable deposit is always due on collection, this varies by amount of suits ordered/style/colour. You will be notified of the amount required of booking of the outfits. please enquire if you are unsure of your refundable deposit and we will be happy to advise you.

6.1.4 A copy of your receipt is required on collection.

6.2 Return

6.2.1 Outfits are due for return the following day which the shop is open by 2pm. Please note that during the busy season we are open Sundays for returns, we must be notified on booking if you wish to modify this.

6.2.2 Late returns will attract a surcharge of 50% of the hire charge per 24 hours to which they are delayed by.

6.3 Refundable deposits

6.3.1 We always ask you to leave a refundable deposit on collection, this will be outlined to you on booking of the outfits.

7. Damage

7.1.All damage to garments must be paid for upon return of the outfit, the cost of damage will be taken from your refundable deposit. Where the costs exceed the deposit you will be asked to pay the additional charges.

7.2. Damages to goods include any rips or tears to garments, staining beyond the abilities of dry cleaning methods.

8. Missing Items

8.1All missing items must be paid for upon return of the outfit.
8.2It is the responsibilities of the customer to check for damage/missing items when the suits are collected.

9. Use of goods

9.1All goods remain the property of Dapper Dan Formal Suit Hire at all times

9.2 Goods must be used for the purpose for which they have been hired; i.e. to be worn at the wedding

9.3 Goods must be looked after at all times, any damage or staining beyond repair must be paid for upon return of the goods as outlined in sections 7 and 8.

9.4 The goods may be witheld by Dapper Dan Formal Suit Hire if the purpose for which the suits are being hired is in question.

9.5 When a wedding is cancelled, orders will not be fulfilled as the use of the goods to be hired may differ from the reasons for which the goods were hired.

9.6 Proof that wedding is going ahead can be requested at any time by Dapper Dan Formal Suit Hire.

10. Colour Tolerance

10.1 We will always endeavour that garments are always matching however due to dry cleaning methods and manufacturers being unable to guarantee mix and match across their range, we have to work with a 5-10% colour tolerance level.